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This will always stay here <3

This journal is for requesting and Help

You may Request:
Layouts / icons / friends only images / backgrounds/ ect

You may not request Free overrides. we cannot go into your account and change your overrides for you.

You may ask help for:

Icons / layouts / friends only graphics / ect.

We help with anything.

Thank you for coming <3

moderator / owner / member yunie_braska

[Edit: Since New people have been added to the comm...I have deleted previous entries. Do not mind that new posts will come very soon. Thank you and have a nice day. You may add this community, but most likely you will not be able to join, unless you have a way that you can post your own icons. This journal is for posting icons / layouts, ect....To specific people who have gathered my attention and want to be on here. I am doing some cleaning...dont mind me.]
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