A few icons [01 : 38 p on Sunday March 06, 2005]

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Fade Away My Heart Fly Away Thought of Love

Just a few Icons...and a Layout, as well as a friends only picture (Well sorta)
The Layout
Another Layout that I made, Just wondering if anyone wanted to use it <3
and the devider should be on the layout <3 Just look it up dood. <3

Request Something 2

Icons by the Jenna [01 : 58 p on Tuesday February 22, 2005]

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I'll plan on working on the others later.

Enjoy <3


Icons [01 : 22 p on Saturday February 19, 2005]

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those are the icons for today <3 thank you


Wow...this community was Dead but now... [01 : 39 p on Monday February 14, 2005]

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Seriously it was dead for like almost a year ^^;;

Welcome to yogurt, saku, lyx!

They are all awesome, and I appriciate them joining my icon / request / anything community. =)!! Its just I didnt want to be like any other community out there, and besides, we also post tutorials too =D!! If you have any questions...Just post them here..and in the first post as well ^^


-Jenna / mod / founder

Request Something 4

^_^ [01 : 32 p on Monday February 14, 2005]

I'm here to post some of the icons I recently made, there arent that much, but oh well. Here you go :)

(size is 44kb...I wish I could get it down x.x! You can change that later)
(Those two are suppost to be animations XD!! But Imageready is such a bitch xX;;)

Uh I have older ones..but I dont feel like posting them

Happy V-Day and new look for Quististre! [02 : 41 p on Monday February 14, 2005]

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:D Hiya! yunie_braska was kind enough to let me be a member here unexpectedly. So in return, I unexpectedly gave her a new makeover for the journal. So, yes, quististre has a new look, Kill Bill style!

I also just wanna wish you all a Happy Valentines Day, and to go along with the theme, I have a brush set I'mma let you download.


Please comment if you're taking, credit if you use. Not that it's a must. But I'd appreciate it.

Also - I wanna pimp out two awesome communities. One would be my own, _iconawards and another would be one I just joined, iconfession. Both are great places to icon whore. XD So go ahead and check 'em out. <3

Request Something 2

This will always stay here <3 [09 : 32 p on Sunday April 25, 2004]

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This journal is for requesting and Help

You may Request:
Layouts / icons / friends only images / backgrounds/ ect

You may not request Free overrides. we cannot go into your account and change your overrides for you.

You may ask help for:

Icons / layouts / friends only graphics / ect.

We help with anything.

Thank you for coming <3

moderator / owner / member yunie_braska

[Edit: Since New people have been added to the comm...I have deleted previous entries. Do not mind that new posts will come very soon. Thank you and have a nice day. You may add this community, but most likely you will not be able to join, unless you have a way that you can post your own icons. This journal is for posting icons / layouts, ect....To specific people who have gathered my attention and want to be on here. I am doing some cleaning...dont mind me.]


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